When Will I Be Billed?
For all Box of Chic purchases you will be billed at the time of purchase and will pay in full. We do not auto-renew your subscription.

When Will I Receive My Box of Chic After Ordering?

We are in beta, and are launching our first boxes in dual months (September/October Box and Nov/Dec Holiday Box) for 2015. Shipping begins September 1 for the September/October box and we will continue shipping through October. The November/December Holiday Box will begin shipping November 1 and we will continue shipping through December.

What is Your Cancellation Policy?
There are no cancellations and refunds. Should your Box of Chic arrive with an item damaged, please contact us at with evidence of the damaged item and we will do our very best to correct it! See our Terms and Conditions for more information.

How do I use Promo Codes?

If you received a promo code for a Box of Chic purchase, simply enter the code on the Checkout page. The discount will automatically be deducted from your purchase price. Enjoy !

What is Your Shipping Policy?
We offer Flat Rate shipping of $11.30 in the Continental US. We currently only ship to the 48 states. But we certainly hope to offer additional shipping options in the future!

What if I move and need to change my mailing address?
Simply log into “My Account ” on the home page and change your mailing address. We will make every effort to ensure it gets to the new location. Please note that if the box shipped prior to your change, we cannot ship a second box to the new location, unless a second box is paid for.

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